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384 reviews
  • Victoria Dehner·

    It is just like everyone says - you are well-versed in your profession.
    One small thing - sometimes your phone is a bit muffled. Has anyone else ever mentioned this?

  • Annie C·

    Jay went above and beyond to generously share his expertise with Section 8 where I felt confident enough to proceed successfully with attaining my goals. Bravo for his sense of humor and overall integrity as well!

  • Buki·

    Highly professional and a good listener with so much knowledge on how to navigate through any situation with housing. I feel better after my talk with Jay. Thank You 🙏🏽

  • Anna McGough·

    I feel so much better after my first call with Jay! He was very helpful with his knowledge. I feel supported now. It’s more than good to know he is there to steer me through this.

  • luke·

    Excellent consultation, very informative, I definitely will not only use his services but i will definitely refer him to as many people as possible.

  • Steven H Barrus·

    Be real with Jay and get real knowledge from Jay. RESPECT!!! . And if your make a donation of any kind that you can afford. Send to Jay for the kitties. I've had a rescue kitty cat in my life everyday since I was born. There worth every moment and every penny. Be kind

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