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  • Lana Carole Sanders·

    I am so impressed to find such an intelligent, knowledgeable compassionate Man, that is The Real Deal. He offers a valuable service for such a reasonable Fee. I don't believe many people, Jay means what he says, and can Deliver. That is rare and next to impossible to find. I can't find words that describes how fortunate I am to have found this man, his company and His Rescued Cats. If you sincerely need help, look no further you have found the answer.

  • aubrey·

    great conversation! feeling hopeful

  • Hien·

    he told me about getting a voucher i plan on going to do that, and i felt his advice was very good. I am also going to get independent living to help me out

  • Jessica Wesner·

    *also, not a review* (notice my email address? It's true)

    I absolutely refuse to give them up! And I f'n LOVE a cat daddy- who has stepped in cat shit in the dark..

    I have been busy watching Jay's videos and I haven't heard much yet that I don't know what he's speaking on. As the slow paced, negligence of the housing authorization for me and the other people who are actually in a dire situation has to deal with. The lot of them are complete assholes that have never been through the bullshit of a tenant who is being wrongfully evicted and sued for their back rent or remainder of their lease. Or having to go back and forth with the other organization's housing assistance program directors that don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. I didn't even graduate highschool but I have more knowledge of the whole process of applying for assistance and the fucking programs for housing assistance! I'm on the section 8 waitlist and I have been trying to figure out how much more of their negativity and the fucking lies they tell certain people..yes! They discriminate. I am so happy to have found Jay's channel..I think he is like me to get the truth and the best system is to make an effort to keep up. These places that require people to beg for their own life and give their soul to still be rejected. I just got an email from the fair Housing here and I am not surprised with the "lack of dwelling" bullshit and I wish I would have paid better attention to the fucking details of the way of weasels. And deflecting are pathetic. I've been addicted twice within a year, this past year I have been through housing organizations assistant programs HUD trying to get assistance right now I'm at a standstill in a decrepit basement with my cats. But at least I have my life thanks to my friend, because there was a suicide attempt when I was being left on the street and homeless prevention told me that since he didn't think it sounded like I could afford my home that I could go to the local shelter and have a shower and maybe get a snack. Hello, fucking homeless prevention but you are provoking it instead. I'm so sick of these fuckers. But Jay, I absolutely adore. He's open honest straightforward with no bullshit no sugar coating and he loves cats and he knows his shit very knowledgeable and thankful for having found your channel and I will be contacting you soon. I'm on disability I don't bring in much money a month so $45 for 15 minutes is something I can't afford because in that 15 minutes it wouldn't even be enough time to tell him my story. So I'm looking for an alternative but I love you Jay. Try to keep the cat hair out of your coffee. My Purrbabies, 'aka' My Miskits- are my world. And I was going to commit suicide over the thought of being on the street and with being without them no way to provide for them a roof.

  • Kendra·

    I put in an application for what I was told was "Emergency section 8" several months ago hearing no feedback at all. Each time I called the affiliate where I applied I was told the same thing over and over. Section 8 Consulting help me realize a couple things right off the bat where I was a little misled. He is a straight-talker, no funny business or gimmicks. Even after just a 15 minute conversation I have a return email with inspiration, information, and a better grab at contacts to help further my situation. I feel like I would have just sat around for possibly years with no response when in actuality I can help get the ball rolling

  • Steven H B·

    I haven't even booked my appointment yet. I've been watching him on you tube for quite awhile now knowing that I'm going to need his help. I too I'm a huge cat lover. And being a Leo born in August. I'm just a big cat myself. I live in California and been blessed and lessened in certain ways . And I really feel like many others that Jay is an angel. In California is very difficult to get government help there the pioneers in corruptible style government behavior. But how are you rid something bad if someone or somebody's don't behave badly. Anyway Jay continues to get a five star rating and that's amazing and justify so. I look forward booking and receiving my counseling for my kitten kimba and I to get proper housing, not that i don't appreciate this cold dark wet moldly, old recently rat infection ritted basement. I deserve better. I've spent a lifetime helping people with my skills building and fixing things but fall short with helping myself with forms and procedures pertaining to government red tape and decit. Thank you Jay for what you do I'm going to try one more time on Monday with new emergency voucher info you recently shared on COC . And will book appointment. This stuff just overwhelms me .

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